Hello, my name is Christopher Lewis founder of Barca Studios, LLC. I am a Graphic Designer and Web Developer in Maryland. I am a creative, visual problem solver with the ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner and work with in a budget. I also have a background in retail so I like to make sure my customer/client is happy with my service.


Background and skills

I have a degree in Digital Arts / Graphic Design and am skilled in Adobe Creative Suites with my preferred program being Adobe Illustrator. I am also skilled in video editing with a working knowledge of Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier, and Pinnacle video editing software.


My process

I listen to my clients needs and collect any info or materials needed to complete the project. I then come up with a few ideas and begin to design. Then I show you 2-3 finished designs and you choose which one best suits you and I'll make any needed adjustments to it. Then you take the finished product and leave as a happy client.